Start of the Badge System

[h1]Badge System[/h1]
This is pre-release document for the badge system, which is arriving soon. Every user starts with no badges (but they will be given out in retrospect for Staff Roles, but not for Helpers).

[h2]Helper Badge[/h2]
The first badge available to any user in this current system is the Helper Badge. It is a prerequisite to achieve the Staff Assistant Badge. They can still earn points towards the Staff Assistant badge with reports, but they must get the Helper badge before they can actually be given the Staff Assistant badge.

The Helper Badge serves a few purposes:[ul]
[li] To get users accustomed to the idea of a badge[/li]
[li] To understand that badge points are given out manually by other people[/li]
[li] To create a certain amount of time for a user to be active and participating on the server before they can consider any responsibility[/li]
[li] To understand how to progress towards being a Staff Member[/li]

Users with the Helper Badge will then be given 2 points per week to give out to users who are helping, but stressed that these are not to be used for the sake of using them. After the week is up, their allotted points is reset to 2 points per week, they do not accumulate.

[h2]Staff Assistant Badge[/h2]
The Staff Assistant Badge’s points are given out by Administrators (those with the Admin Badge). They are given out for each correct identification of breakage of the rules (with the appropriate proof) of another user, written correctly as a report on the forum. Each point awarded is linked to a specific report (the link for the thread) and other users are able to see all the reports that user made for their Staff Assistant Badge.

Every Badge that grants power will not be granted automatically upon reaching the required number of points, instead, an alert will be automatically posted (starting with a discussion on Phase) when a user is ready to be assessed.

If the user has no recent history of bad behaviour and accepts that the role they are going to hold is a temporary assessment role, which will assess their ability to independently make judgement about enforcing the rules and to act properly, not abusing their power and not flaunting it, then the user may be granted a Line Manager.

A Line Manager is an Administrator who will review every action (temp ban, possibly others) made by that user and will accept/deny it based on whether it was correct or not. The assessment period is a minimum of two weeks after which the Line Manager may then recommend to other Administrators said user for the role of Moderator. When it is agreed, the user will be granted the Moderator badge (which would give the accompanying title and permissions automatically).

The requirements for the Moderator badge are 4 points, which are essentially 4 votes from Administrators that they agree.

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