Starbound server

Im sorry i haven’t been able to get on recently… i forgot the ip so will someone please tell me? Thanks its greatly appreciated!

Starbound Server IP:

:smiley: maybe we should keep this up since i can never find it

K thanks epic! Ill see you on later.

i dont rly play starbound anymoar

The starbound server doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Popstar anything you can do to fix it?

:confused: i wanted to go on there. tell me when its back up

yeah me too

Bump :smiley:

The IP is
It is not 24/7 and not on a fast-connection. Lag shouldn’t occur with small amounts of people.

Ok thanks.

I would so join you guys if i could. I love the game but saddly im having this issue where i cant connect to servers.


having the same problem

I’ve found some nice mods for the game. One of the mods i found gives you four boxes that have every item in game,It also gives you godly gear so you dont lose health or mana. and a bed that instant heals you. I also found a mod that gives you the best weapons but at random. I found this flamethrower that shoots lightning. Call me a noob if you want but i cant stand being weak in games.

Here’s a video of me showing my mods. That’s a modded race i’m using and i also have a mob that makes all mobs not attack you

I’ve just got the game but I don’t know what to put in the server account and password fields.

Is the server ever up? BTW coach I don’t think you put in anything for the password.

BUMP! Bumping this.

well i cannot join any server

Sawwy for negro postin’, but is this server still up?

yes I think so but it’s not 24/7