SSC World Reset please

On the survival server, could we please get a new world? We have looted the world dry and there isn’t much to do anymore. Many of us also need more loot. E.g muramasa, cobalt shield etc. Could we have a world reset? Or if there is one schedueled , when is it?

Please reply

This would be nice because there is no TREES we can’t get like Hermes boots and stuff.
And all the ores and stuff are mostly gone.


and the world is mostly corrupted so we can’t grow trees easily

When can we get the 1.3 update world

wait has the update come out yet?

No, 1.3 hasn’t been released yet.

I support the idea of having a reset soon, but I think we should have at least a one week notice before it occurs. (And I’m sure most of us would appreciate the un-banning of either the safe or the piggy bank.)

yeah that would be good.

Yes, it would be awesome if piggy banks were unbanned! :slight_smile:

but why were they banned?

Because they give you whatever is in your piggy bank [u]For That Character[/u] so if I’m using the char i’m using for the regular server I’d go to the piggy bank on SSC and get the stuff in the piggy bank

What do you need the one week notice for? To get your stuff?

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Perhaps not one week, but a few days would be nice. (Yes, mostly for prioritizing which items to bring to the next world.)

@Dragonslayer, I recall other server-side character servers allowing piggy banks and safes without causing an overlap with local save data, although I’m not sure which plugins they used.

Edit: Whoa, I just went down my hellevator and saw a lot of ores generated underground. (Mostly gold and cobalt, neither of which were originally on the server. (Before there was platinum and palladium.)

the spoilers for 1.3 have come out

Woah! All those ores spawned in your chloro farm? I thought all demon/crimson altars were gone?
Maybe they spawned natrually?

Gold wouldn’t have spawned in naturally, and cobalt shouldn’t have either (since the world originally had palladium).

there is still lots of palladium in the world.

Sorry for bumping an old thread,but my brother(steven) and I cannot connect at all to the SSC server. We have had this problem for a while

Thats because I took it down.

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Oh :frowning:

Nvm then