SSC Weapons

Would you unban Grenade launcher and snowman’s cannon in SSC? We worked hard getting them and we really want to use them. Also, you can just ban the tile destroying ammunition instead of banning the weapon itself. Please give me your opinion. Thanks

Slayer unbanning it there will unban it on the main server as well.
That probably won’t happen, sorry

Oh the SSC and the free build are connected? As in they share the same data?

Yes, tvolk hosts them both. They share the same IP as well. The only diff is the port. If zues was still hosting it we would be admins, Eliot.

All there needs to be is the change in permission for the SSC server for using banned items.

im wondering why the staff of frost hydra is banned.can you tell me why?

During PvP, crew+ can warp into holes in spawn while using the frost staff. Very cheap and unfair with a 200+ dmg. Kills anyone in a few shots.

Yes, was about to say that.

I strongly support this. (I have 2 snowman cannons hanging on weapon racks just as trophies XD. And perhaps rocket III could be unbanned.)

Could we also consider raising the projectile caps? Using the north pole and/or holy arrows+tsunami tends to trigger the frozen/slow/weak/cursed debuffs quite easily.


The staff of the frost hydra is banned from the main server because it is a very cheap and overpowered weapon in pvp, as Slayer pointed out.

The summoned hydra may not target players with its ranged attacks, but if another player touches it, then they will take damage.
The frost hydra can be summoned on top of any block viewable by the user, so any player on the ground can be clicked on by a player using the staff, and then they will take 100-250 damage from summoned hydra.

Idk why it is banned on the SCC server (besides for the occasional pvp fights), but there’s a fair chance that it will get unbanned on SCC. (But almost definitely not on the main server.)