Spiky Balls

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Spiky Ball

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
In its current state, it only deals 1 damage, very hard to setup, and, if had a damage increase, wouldn’t require a lot of skill.

[Anything else you would like to note]
Spiky ball could also be used in high quantities to lag mobile players, in a similar manner to chlorophyte arrows or glowsticks. I have tested against 1 mobile player, and their device stood up well against the full amount of spiky balls before they slowly start to despawn, but this could always hurt lower end devices.
EDIT: I have been informed that the spiky balls copy your damage of the weapon you’re holding. I have no idea how I forgot this, as I knew about this beforehand. This is very easily exploitable, because you could hold something like flower pow and deal hundreds of damage when your opponent hits the ground.

I agree as it is easily exploitable.


Yeah this is only used to exploit