Spawn protection against enemies (in survival spawn)

By “spawn protection” I mean a system put in place to de-spawn any mobs that get too close to the proximity spawn area, this would help prevent numerous issues with the main one being new players becoming frustrated since they’d keep getting spawn killed instantaneously and most likely end up quitting.

This would also prevent server lag caused by a large group of enemies in a small area (especially when they stack up on each other during events and multiple bosses spawn). This would also prevent people from dragging bosses to the spawn.

Overall I’m just thinking about the new players to make the server a better experience for them!

I don’t think there is any plugin that can provide a boundary where npcs can be de-spawned. Like I said earlier, even if such a plugin is available, it has to be able to distinguish between regular hostile npcs, boss npcs, and non-hostile npcs. If these features are not implemented, I do not think it is possible to avoid the abuse of the plugin if it hypothetically existed. It would wantonly endow every player with the ability to de-spawn npcs.

I think the only (and best) way to remedy this problem is by geographically altering spawn, whether that refers to the re-location of spawn (preferably to the underground) or additional changes to the spawning-platform area. These changes should minimize potential npc spawn areas and isolate the player from any hostile npcs. However, even this suggestion will fail to address the ai of some npcs (notably the Queen Bee and Moon Lord which do not de-spawn from proximity).

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Don’t really know of another good solution tbh, unless there’s a plugin that can block them from getting into spawn such as a barrier sort of thing but probably not

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