Something for Zombie maps

So I always wondered why can’t we build a Zombies Map on our own world, I mean we’d have more room, and wouldn’t need to deal with such restrictions, and my server character isn’t even in Journey Mode which offers a lot for building. I mean it wouldn’t be to hard to import a Map from ones world would it?


I think there is something called “mybuild” which is planned, which will allow each person to have their own build world on the server. I don’t think your suggestion would work bc of the way tedit works, it might be possible, but it wouldn’t be needed with mybuild.


Each person their own build world!? Given the reason for private lobbies’ removal, that sounds highly unlikely, as amazing as it would of course be. Where did you hear of this?


I don’t think it was exactly like that, especially because of the limited resources issue, but yems, who told me, wasn’t entirely sure either. I think it’s more of a concept rather than an exact feature planned soon.

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