SoC or Solar Shield In PvP?

[What is the actual item/mechanic/thing being targeted?]
Shield of Cthulhu (SoC) and Solar Shield (Solar Flare Armor)

[What would you like specifically changed about it?]
Well, mainly two things;

  1. Allow the shield bonk and shield dash to work against players.

  2. Buff the SoC’s damage to around 100-200 if first change is met.

[Why do you feel that this change is needed?]
I understand Dark Gaming isn’t Re-Logic, just a disclaimer. I also know players aren’t targeted or labelled as ‘enemies’ by the game, hence the lack of homing and minion targeting. However, the SoC doesn’t require any sort of homing effect to work- it can dash into critters and target dummies alike, both of which aren’t classified as a targetable enemy by the game. It also has damage, crit, and knockback stats. It’s really just a wearable weapon. Therefore, buffing the damage might be possible as well.

Now, why should we? Well, this was honestly just a crazy idea when I first came up with it. Assuming this is possible, it will actually open up a new, decent dash option. Let’s face it, solar flare armor isn’t honestly worth the extra dash length. If Solar Shield could actually ran players, the entire set would gain a whole new use and a whole new incentive. As for the SoC, if a massive damage, short range i-frame producer sounds too overpowered, here are two significant drawbacks;

  1. Like all dashes, SoC dash only works horizontally, meaning it can’t bonk anything below or above it. As I stated previously, we aren’t relogic, so I highly doubt we can change the direction of dashes.

  2. It has significantly less dash length than the Tabi. About a third of the dash length, I believe. This alone impairs movement.

The ability to conjure i-frames at close range and an extra source of massive damage should outweigh both of these drawbacks.

[Anything else you would like to note]
Solar shield dash able to damage players…? idk, solar flare armor is a bit underpowered at the moment, so that might bring it back slightly.

they’re both NPCs, which are in a different league of hitboxes compared to players.

The idea in of itself would require server-side hit detection(which im pretty sure no one would like), therefore, adding iframes onto that would complicate the issue even more


ah makes sense

why would nobody like it? I can imagine a few less frames, but that hardly makes a difference to most. Also, isnt the SoC already wired to grant immunity frames upon hitting something? or would it be the server entirely simulating the hits?

Also, I found its PvP Manager profile;

so as long as the dash works, buffing its damage will be possible.


I don’t think the dash works though


yeah it doesnt, but tejdxa has apparently found a solution. I’m not sure what the drawbacks would be though.


The dash of the SoC is inferior to the tabi, crystal assassin armor dash and solar armor dash. Wouldn’t it just be better to try to do this with the solar dash? Dashing toward other players with the SoC just seems like suicide tbh. It’s one thing to try to dash to get close and finish them off with a close range weapon, its a whole other story trying to aim your dash to hit a moving player.


30 damage likely would not be a game changing amount of damage either lol



mhm, thats what I tried to explain

that’s also what I tried to say.

it’s more of an ‘interception’ sort of thing, you don’t exactly chase enemies to shield bonk them either.


Hmm yes add months of more work just for 1 item that will probably never be used due to its lack of uses and terrible dashing speed, not only that but its heavily situational and won’t work good upclose as you’re just gonna give more iframes where you could’ve glaived.


Terraria is heavily client-sided, hence, literally no lag back. Compare Terraria MP to Minecraft MP, even with the best connection, Minecraft has some lag back, but Terraria has none even with the worst connection. Therefore, adding server-side hit simulation would need forcing the client to hand-over control, this causes the gameplay to become extremely jittery depending on the connection, even with the best connection it’s nothing alike Minecraft. This was already tested once with the speed correction test a while back.

That’s if the SoC hits something. Players can’t hit each other with SoC, that’s the problem. The server would have to simulate it using another type of damage.


As much as Helfire hates my suggestions, I do admit he has a point. At this point the title should be renamed to ‘Solar Shield Dash in PvP?’
The reason I didnt originally post that is because the actual shield itself doesnt have a damage statistic ingame, so it might be a lot harder to buff it in any way.

alr, didnt that this.



Just noting I changed the tag to balance because it’s an item balance, not a feature (like a new arena or something)


ah, but the ability to dash into players with it is a feature


Renamed post to reflect the Solar Shield’s side of things. Solar Shield would probably be better in PvP anyway.