So uhhh valiant is good?

So i got it… And it is… Kinda… Well…
In a first stance, sounds a good idea having a great HP Regeneration when you got close some enemies, so in maps like cryptic castle you can get tons of HP,and this would help to regen your HP,… Until…

Why i would want to regen HP quicker, if every time that i got hit, got a debuff…, i mean, it would be ok, but sometimes you just get “bleeding” or “silence” and “confused” making that you will be be mostly in a critic state that you will be hitted once, and other, and other time, making you getting more debuffs to make your survival probabilites very low…

So in conclution, it would work, but only if you recieve a very big amount of damage on a few hits,and having enemies arround you, so you alse need to have control over the situation, otherwise, you will die also quicker if you get a defense debuff

And to that remember the (+20%?) of prices to everything, so… Isn’t a very good idea, unless im using it wrong?


Once you get an ankh shield it’s good (in cryptic, which I don’t know other maps that have ankh shields) because it’s basically just free buffs.


I never thinked that…
Gonna try it


The Ankh Shield is in Snowyville, Lunar Mineshafts, and Mystic Library as well.


Ankh shield on cryptic castle go brr