So long, friends.

Let me just start off by saying this. You guys are all amazing, kind people. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little, and I hope that as I leave, none of you have a sour view of me in your heads. I’ve been permanently banned again for griefing. I’m not going to talk about that subject, because it’s done and behind us. I’m not going to appeal it again. I’ll more than likely make a mistake again, and just… I don’t need that kind of stress.

You guys have a really, really great thing going. I can tell that everybody here is really friendly with each other, you’re all so kind to people. It really is a community. Not just a server, but a group of friends. It’s hard to find something like that nowadays. I really enjoyed the brief time I’ve had with you all, and I hope I made at least a small positive influence on you guys too.

DragonSlayer, MrSandwich, ThePunisher, XxSlayerXxX, Seraph, Spooder-Man, among many others… thank you all. You truly were great friends. MrSandwich and DragonSlayer, if you go into your trade panel, you’ll find I gave you all that I had in my inventory. I’d rather you have it than let it go to waste.

Good luck, everyone, both with the server, and your personal lives. It can only keep getting better. I’ll miss you guys. If you need me, or want my contact information, just leave me a comment on my wall. I’ll stop delaying this now.

See you, guys. We had a good one.



You will be missed damion ;~;
Thanks for being a good friend.

I do not understand; if you enjoy being here, then why do you keep “griefing”. Do you have multiple people using your account or something?

no Rofle DAmion told me that this grief was done before the ban that he appealed to and got accepted.
He told me that hes basically done terraria now ;~;

I believe the griefing Punisher found took place before my first ban was given. I do remember griefing the ‘Starter PvP Arena’- I was removing some pearlsand to widen my borders, and three stacks of it went up to the floor of that building. I didn’t grief under the intention of being irritable, but I can’t deny that it took place.

Well if the grief was before your ban appeal was accepted, then it may be justifiable to unban you on the grounds that it should have been covered by your accepted ban appeal.

That’s possible, but he also mentioned my griefing a ‘castle.’ This part I don’t remember at all, let alone the time.

Well there is timestamps on all of history. As long as your grief was before your ban appeal was accepted then it should be OK.

He didn’t tell me when he had the chance too. However I will have no problem to un-ban you,
but this must be the last time as I accepted the last ban appeal.
I would like to have a promise from Damion that it won’t be happened 3rd time.

If Punisher took screenshots of the timestamps then we could figure that out. It’s just a matter if he did or not.

It’s up to you, Punisher. I didn’t make this thread intending to appeal the ban, but if it’s possible, I’d be a fool to argue it. I would appreciate being unbanned, but I understand the frustration I have caused.

“I would like to have a promise from Damion that it won’t be happened 3rd time.”

You have my word. I’m going to stay away from tools in general for the time being anyway, but if ever a situation should occur, I’m not going to touch a block until I am completely sure it won’t affect anybody else’s creation in any way whatsoever.

Damion and I were talking on PMs too.
Damion is now un-banned.

So are you leaving??

No. I didn’t intend to appeal the ban, but one thing led to another. I’m here to stay.

Nvm, your not leaving but dont grief anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Epic…

Trust me, we will :wink:

Wait who- why did you bring this back to life X_X


This thread was so dead T^T