So, I am here.

I am here to observe this website. I will be carefully watching how the staff works here and if they are doing there job well. You could say I am a “spy” but let’s not go there. I will be analyzing your attitudes towards your gamers and if this gives out a positive vibe. Think as this as more of an inspection. Do not act differently when I am here. Thank you for reading.

So basically you’re like every other consumer? Ok.
Welcome to Dark Gaming; even though I’m sure you already know who we are because you’ve been here before…

But, why you want to be a spy?
Inspection? Are you inspector?

I don’t care, welcome


[quote=Ruffles]Do not act differently when I am here.[/quote]Wouldn’t it be easier if you simply didn’t say “observe” and “inspection” and their respective sentences?

Mhmm. First impression of “popstarfreas”. Hm.

“First impression”; not quite. A first impression is an event that can only occur when meeting a person for the first time.

you namemis kinda like rofles