SnowMoo27's Helper Application!

Q1. What is your in-game name?

Q2. How often are you on the server? (Include timezones and exact times only; no generalizations)
My Timezone is Austrlian Standard Time. I’m on Nearly a bit every day as I’m tryna be on a lot more often
Q3. Why do you want to be a Helper?
I want to be a helper because there are many Terraria players out there who are new to multiplayer, and they need to be aided. When someone looks for an Item, or wants help in their survival world, or even doesn’t know how to use the boss arena properly, I want to be there for them. I want to help them as much as possible so they can enjoy their time on Dark-Gaming

Q4. Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?
Absolutely, I can and will help people the moment I see their question. I will even use /tp and show them where an item is if they cannot find its whereabouts.

Q5. Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?
Yes, I think I do!

Q6. Tell us about yourself?
My Name is Cherry that’s only my nickname though, I live in australia NSW :smiley:
and ive played terraria for nearly 6 years
and i love playing this server!


One of the friendliest people I’ve met and always eager to help others out +1

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Thanks Mate! Very Nice of you to say that <3

I haven’t known SnowMoo27 for very long, but in the short time that I’ve gotten to know them, they’ve been incredibly friendly and active in searching for ways to help players new and experienced, including myself. They’re upbeat and outgoing and, in my opinion, an excellent fit for the Helper role. +1

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This means alot, thank you for the +1Snooze and Dako!!

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Snow is one of the nicest people i know and has helped me thanks +1