Sitems not staying in your inventory when you leave

Can we PLEASE bring our sitems to Single Player Worlds? I would be happy.

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You have to download a Tshock extension to be able to make sitems in your singleplayer world.

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How do you put the Custom Items in Single player, on mobile?

I’m pretty sure this works on mobile too.

How do I use it in single player?

I’m not too sure, but if you search up tshock terraria mobile custom items, you can probably find a tutorial on how to do so.

Speaking of which, while doing this myself, I found this video on it:


Also, I wonder how to do it on single player?

I think this is the thread with the information.

tl;dr: Terraria doesn’t save SItems on player files.

When you leave the server, Terraria saves your inventory to your player file. However, Terraria doesn’t save SItems along with your inventory, and because of it, it’s impossible to bring SItems intact to your single-player world

Note: There’s also something in place that prevents any modification to your original inventory while in SItems. Thus, when you leave SItems, it will be as if you’ve never entered it

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