[Sitem Suggestion] Equipment modifiers?

Equipment Modifiers for Sitem

You knew this would come as suggestion didn’t you

Use & Overview

So here’s the thing : It would be fun to test out custom equipment. Increasing damage by %, defense, Critical Strike Chance by %, everything. I already have a list of sitem commands planned out.

-e :
This signifies that the item is equipment, and might not be needed. Same format as -na.

-de :
Adds to defense. Format is /sitem -i "<equipment>" -e yes -de <number>

-d :
By percent and adds to damage percent. Format is /sitem -i "<equipment>" -e yes -d <number>

-cr :
By percent, and adds to critical strike change. Format is /sitem -i "<equipment>" -e yes -cr <number>

-m :
Adds to Mana. Format is /sitem -i "<equipment>" -e yes -m <number>

-me :
Adds to Melee Speed by percent. Format is /sitem -i "<equipment>" -e yes -me <number>

-mo :
Adds to Movement Speed by percent. Format is /sitem -i "<equipment>" -e yes -mo <number>


If your thinking it might not be added because people don’t really need custom equipment, weapons are good, then your forgetting about zombies. Could be such a use late game. Plus armor could be custom too.

I haven’t even read the whole thing yet and i’ve already thought of several million modified pieces of equipment that i’d love to have in a zombies map

Edit: Could also have one that adds buffs to pieces of equipment

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Unfortunately with the current Terraria netcode, the server can only modify a handful of properties.

  • Color
  • Damage
  • Knockback
  • Use Animation
  • Use Time
  • Shoot / Projectile Shot
  • Shoot Speed
  • Dropped Width
  • Dropped Height
  • Scale(%)
  • Ammo
  • Use Ammo
  • Not Ammo
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