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This thread has been terminated.

I’m going to use my extra homework period from today and tomorrow to skim over this, and edit it. Basically, I’m going to polish it a little bit, as long as that’s alright with you of course. I won’t make any major changes. I’ll mostly be looking for small grammar mistakes, unnecessary and or useless dialogue, and other things like this. I’ll make a second copy of the whole document and highlight all the changes I made in red.
One major thing I should alert you of beforehand. Placing a title at the top of every page like that is very unnecessary.
Also, remember that when addressing something that belongs to someone, you must put an apostrophe in front of the s.
Rofle’s forums are awesome.
Leon’s writings are pretty good.

Another side thing that is technically a mistake. Christen, when used as a last name, would be spelled Christian, just like the religion. Of course, names are a little bit unique. If you knew this and intended it to be Christen, then that’s all fine, but just in case, I’m auto correcting them to Christian

I understand. Do what you will, just avoid changing the overall story and plot. I still have big plans for this, but having my close friends help me gives me the satisfaction of teamwork. When I publish this, I will credit the DG forums as you guys helped “shape” the story into what it is now. Thanks a bunch Blanc!

Also, I purposefully meant the name to be Christen Kaede. Just saying to clear any misconceptions.

No problem. I personally have always wanted to be a writer, as I have tons of writing ideas. I just never end up starting, or finishing the stories I write, so supporting someone else who’s writing is a very easy subject for me to relate to.

I see! Well, if you have any ideas you think would fit into the story-line, please put them into a Word document and post a G-drive link here! I’m always looking for people to help with the story-line, as I have a hard time trying to make the story on my own, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by the large gaps in updates. If you wish to make any significant edits or any type of new content, all I ask is that you let me see it beforehand.

There will be no further updates until Blanc has finished editing Silverlight. Any questions are to be directed to me in the meantime.

Please don’t let me halt your productions. I’ve got my hands full without including this story, so I won’t be finishing it right away. Keep updating it, and I’ll try to match your pace :stuck_out_tongue:

Understood. Updates will continue then. I’m also changing the word document to “read only” as to protect our work. Blanc and I will be the only ones with an editable copy.

Today, at 11:45 pm, I lost a member of my family due to an infection in her uterus. All production of SL is discontinued until further notice.

These are examples of an SL weapon. Since they’re going to be appearing soon, I thought I’d show them off a bit




im sorry to hear that

Weapon links have been fixed.

Hey, I’m not 100% sure if the Charactar images are fixed.

Yea, I know. I need to re-upload it to G-drive to fix it

Not that hard to find the hidden char if you look correction it’s in chapter 2…

Looks like I have my work cut out for me with chapter 7. Luckily, I have such great friends and a wonderful community to help with the story :wink:

Please note: I don’t know how much I’ll get done due to the exam season.

I took my exams back in 1st semester, don’t worry, you’ll get some done m8.

Silverlight chapter 7 - complete and uploaded.
Silverlight Chapter 8 - started

If you’re busy, I can write up a thing on the aura system because I know a lot about aura based magic systems. So much that I have created my own (with the help of some books) that I have nicknamed “Applied Auric Field Theory.” AAFT can easily undergo very slight modifications to make the current aura system fit in seamlessly, and I would be more than happy to do it because I have the whole thing fully fleshed out in my head and as such could go very in-depth on it very quickly. If you’re interested tell me and I can write up some of AAFT and send it to you or sammich.

I’d be very interested to see this “Applied Auric Field Theory”. If you think you can make it fit seamlessly into the current Aura system, I have no objections. Silverlight is, after all, a community project and any changes people want to make are welcome - so long as they talk to me, GR or fuzzy first. You’re also right that I’m busy - I can’t come on for as long anymore due to schoolwork.
If you do choose to make it, place it in your google drive and send me a link either here or with Private Message.

Thanks Derp - Leon

Applied Auric Field Theory, I’m curiuos as too what that is…