Sick days. (Not the awesome kind)

As school settles in, we adjust to fuzzy wake ups, and constant exhaustion. This has turned against me, because, as the weather cools down we get the typical stuffy noses, sneezing and regular colds, combined with lack of sleep, strained muscles and constant attention to detail I have fallen sick to a sort of flu, if you’ll call it that. (Cramps, throbing headaches, upset stomach and the previously listed) due to this I am getting around 2-6 hours of sleep a day and that is causing me to be a bit… Drowsy… In the morning. So I MAY be a bit slow to respond and such. I appolagize to any inconvenience or people attempting to talk to me. I will still work on the pixel art requests as best as I can, and hopefully my grades ( on helper AND school ) don’t take too much of a fall. Thank you all for being patient with me.


:confused: Hope u get better soon dat no sound fun.

I like noodles

Do you like noodles?

Noodles are good. But I can’t eat them cause I’m sick ;~;

well hope hope you get well soon :slight_smile:

you live in the east. drops mic

No noodles??? Wow man, flu anyone?

Due to thi ssickness i wll be staying home from school. This also means that i wont be on at all today.

Dat sux :confused:

It would stink to not be able to be on Terraria a WHOLE day

git gud soon mr. murican

I gamer

I gamer

I gamer too, but one day without terraria is like easy. xP

How come you’re helper in the site and I’m not

If you want to get more time to sleep in, then don’t do as much video games. Gosh, why don’t people understand? You shouldn’t do video games or get any screen time at least an hour before bed. It’s not good for you. Reaper knows…

dude…i stay on my iphone till about 1 am then go to sleep…its not bad for you

I mean like 1 day without games

weegee is one more person I know now that doesn’t know that having that much screen time is bad for you.

I know its bad for you.

weegee doesn’t. Now he’s banned so it doesn’t matter.