Shroom Research Team

This Isn’t a serious clan, please don’t take it seriously

Welcome to the Shroom Researchers! This is a clan about, researching mushrooms? Anyways, first thing you have to know is to not attack others if they not attack you! You only have to attack if they attack. Second thing you have to know is to not forget the purpose of the clan, research mushrooms! search mushrooms through the arena and smash them with your axe or pickaxe, then save it in your void bag

To join this clan you have to choose a class first! You have Warrior and Researcher as the 2 classes.

  • Warrior
    Flamethrower and Musket, a bit more tanky than researcher!
    Shroom Warrior
  • Researcher
    Elf melter and Revolver, a bit more squishy than warrior, but got faster weapons!
    Shroom Researcher

Once you did choose your class, you now have to load it:

/loadout load shroom-researcher

/loadout load shroom-warrior

After that, you have to make a comment on this topic with your In-game name + your class and you will be in the clan!

Member list
  • OG Shroom Researcher OG Shroom Researcher, unknown
  • Shroom Researcher beetleeye1602
  • Shroom Warrior u0a -iwnl-
  • Shroom Researcher yems
  • Shroom Researcher ssauronn

Stay tuned! I will update this regularly

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In Game Name :
My in game name is mainly yems, however it could be some other random name such as Gerald, Barthl, etc.

Class :
I choose researcher cuz why not

In Name Game
researcher cuz sound cool

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Can I change my loadout from shroom-researcher to shroom-yems?

Well, you can but don’t change the vanity or weapons, since those are from classes. You can try and suggest classes though

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The Shroom Research Team Hub is finished.

It has two storages, one loadout storage, one shroomite bar storage, one shroomite capsule, one shroom capsule, a shroom crafting room, and a shroom plantation.

To get to it, “/warp locean” then head down from the thing that says “Zombi” then once you reach the map go left and rod into the downwards tunnel by the zombie map, then follow the blue wire downwards and once the blue wire disappears keep going down till you reach the shroom hub then rod into it.