Shoutbox Spam Changes

You may now post up to 6 messages in the shoutbox.
You can only post 4 messages in rapid succession, the following 2 messages will require 5 seconds between them.

If you have any anti-spam suggestions, I am interested in hearing them.

Nice new pic.
Spam should be reduced further…someone could spam everyone 5 seconds…duh…

You can’t post more than that.

A day? Or in total? I didn’t get that part. 6 messages in an interval of what time?

It’s consecutively. The shoutbox is basically a chat so limiting total messages would be weird. The main idea is that someone shouldn’t be posting so much that you can no longer read anything from the past with the 10 pre-fetched messages on the page load. But the history of the shoutbox while on the page still would defer that anyway. Spam is also punishable and any Banished user is unable to post there. The point is not to stop a spammer, but accidental spam or posts that get in the way of most of the shoutbox.

it’s a good decision ( unlike deleting v2!!! :frowning: I would really like to see that again. Do you or tvolk have any backups of the 1.1.2 world?
Can I has? :smiley: )

I’m sure I have quite a few scattered around. If you want, but remember, the bricks changed (gold bricks) so the world will only look the same as it did when it was used (The Terraria Version).

which was what ver? I’m 90% sure that you got rid of v2 before 1.2 came out. but if you have a copy please send it. :slight_smile:

Just a thought linking to ‘spaces’ and ‘empty’ posts not being sending on the shoutbox, what if that if the shoutbox detected spam like ‘juwaoisfugbh98’ or ‘123’ id would denie the process of it being sent? Just a though cus im a n00b

or, simply prevent any 1, 2 or 3 character messages so they person can’t just do this:


h k
s ri

know what I mean? or just hire chat mods (although, I personally think helper would be good for this since helper is pretty useless except for helping people by telling them what to do)

The shoutbox has been updated to prevent one character messages and 2 of the same messages at a time. Good suggestion though :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha weegee. The system is smart that it already does that and doesn’t tell you. It’s why we’re one step ahead™

ugh…my trolling side has been outsmarted…i’ll find a way to exploit it somehow :stuck_out_tongue: