Should revival be easier on zombies?

So there are alot of impossible revival spots, and i had the idea of how people could be able to get a request, if their dead body should be put to the maps spawn for revival, while in the intermission room

there are obvious flaws to this, like people commiting suicide to get back to safety, the coward ability already doing that, alot of challenge maps would get too easy, and sometimes the spawn isnt the safest place.

on the other side

not being punished because you are actually able to revive someone sounds neat, and it isnt to harsh on new players, also it would make the game a whole lot easier, as now you can get revived with people not being able to miss you, and being able to revive someone else more safer

my question to you is
should the dark gaming zombies mode be hard and punishing on certain things, or should it be taken easier for more people to enjoy it?


reading this just gave me an AMAZING idea for how to fix unrevivable spots.

since in most cases you can go to where they are, but you cant stay there long enough to revive them, just make it so if you go in and out of the revive area enough, you revive them.

basically, you know how the timer to revive them resets when you leave the revive zone? just make it so theres a second bar, thats much higher, that doesnt reset when you leave the revive zone


I personally think revival system should be more challenging:

  1. You cant revive 3 secs after getting revived yourself
  2. You cant revive 1 sec after taking damage

And, Soly’s idea is cool too


i think it’s just unfair losing points on those kind of maps because if you want to revive you’ll have to die yourself, like shadow’s decent where if someone falls your points will just be chipped away.