Should profanity be allowed?

For most of the chat rules, I have been the only person crafting them and making sure they all fit together nicely. Thus far, they seem to have worked. But I have come to a point where my original goal of having rules that only limit freedom where necessary has come to a subjective debate.

The question: Should profanity be allowed? If so, to what extent?
Here are some for and against points.


  • Children of a young age play on our server, therefore we should speak respectfully of those children
  • Profanity is not needed to convey a point or otherwise explain something
  • Profanity does not look nice. If people are using lots of profanity the chat doesn’t give off a good vibe to new comers


  • The children that play are usually the people that break the profanity rule
  • Profanity is often used and the decision to use it should be in the hands of the people that want to use it
  • Certain parts of profanity, such as “Fuck” and “Shit” are not as bad as “Penis” and “Vagina” for vulgarity

I don’t know how many of you are willing to put forward a point, but it would be nice if you do because this is a turning point in this rule. If no side is argued, the current rule will stand.

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Well there should be profanity to a certain extent. An occasional “fuck this shit” should be allowed, as there are those bullshit times when you have to vent your anger. However, randomly spewing swear words for no apparent reason is unacceptable, in my untrained opinion. Little kids are the ones who usually swear anyways. Banning them for not knowing what they did wrong would be a little strange (to the kid), and the would probably come back and swear even more after a temp ban, to a certain extent in which you would have to perm-ban them. That would be sort of sad for the little kid, as the server is a must for cheats like my 9 year-old self years ago.

Actually, I think it shouldn’t be allowed, even kids are using them nowadays.

@TheNelston, for me I think you jut want to use it yourself,
So I think profanity should be allowed BUT with using censors

ex. F*%& THIS S%*$ or f- you guys, b-,

But I do not want those Vulgar words (penis and stuff)

I’m completely against profanity. I always say NO to it.

It’s bad (dirty, unpleasant, repulsive). Doesn’t matter who use it, children or adult, doesn’t matter what kind of words are used, doesn’t matter how often it’s used - it’s bad. Of course, if children use it it’s even worse. But it doesn’t justify cursing. Even if the Pope would join the server and start to curse, it would not justify it.

Why? Some objective questions: why to use profanity? What it brings to a discussion? Does it make it look/read/ better? Does it make the discussion more crucial? Is profanity necessary? Are there no alternatives to profanity?

Argument about children being temporary banned not knowing what for and later returning to the server and cursing even more is in my opinion incorrect. First of all - people are warned that profanity is not allowed. Not just once, but sometimes even few times. If they can read and pay attention to the chat - they can’t miss the warning. Second, if they somehow continue to curse and they are temporary banned, they’re provided with information regarding the cause of the ban. Again, if they can read, they can’t not know why they were banned. If then they return and continue to curse… well, then it must be their insolence… for which they deserver another ban.

I also think that replacing parts of vulgar words with some random characters makes little sense - everyone can read and understand these words anyway. It’s either profanity or no profanity at all. 1 or 0. Black or white.

For me - although I tolerate profanity and can deal with it - it’s bad and I hate it. If I’d join a new server and one of the first words I’d read would be a profanity, that certainly would pushed me away from it…

ps. Nor vagina nor penis are vulgar words or profanity. They are medical terms of genital organs. It’s the society’s wrong taboo and vulgar usage that made these words sound vulgar. However I don’t image anyone on the server talking about genital organs…

ps. sorry for my English, I’m not that well in it.

I think that this should be allowed, but only to a certain extent. I think rage directed at a game’s mechanics, such as, “D**, Duke Fishron OP”, or “F*** you, Flocko” is OK, as long as it is not used repeatedly over and over again. No one will be hurt by cussing at the game’s mechanics. However, lines like, "F*** you " should not be allowed, because this rage is directed at an actual person, who has feelings. Also, comments with cusses directed at the player are more likely to make them stop coming to the server than cusses directed at the game’s mechanics. I’ve seen people lightly cussing before, and they usually got warned, but it didn’t make me want to quit the server, because they weren’t directing this rage at a player.

I don’t think people need profanity. If they say they use it to vent anger at the game… Then they could use that to say “I can use caps to vent my anger so caps should be allowed” I mean, they can easily use the same argument with a lot of stuff. Anyway, cussing has always been detested by me and I don’t see why you should allow it, especially not the worse ones. If they want to vent their rage at something, go find a punching bag and cuss it out all you want, profanity-free server keeps it cleaner. If I joined and was a new member and some dude was sitting there getting all mad at the game and cussing, then another one I’d probably leave and find a less-profane server. I do not see why profanity should be allowed, to any extent. Think about that new member that may come on when you are “Voicing your rage against the game’s mechanics” … O.O
@A68PL people do talk about that stuff and they get sexual when they are talking about it so either way it’s against more than one rule.

I really don’t take profanity too seriously at all, actually; I read somewhere something like “People on the internet can say things they wouldn’t dream of saying if they were in the same room as you”, and that applies to me just as much as I believe it applies to (almost) everybody else. To some this may suggest I’m saying that people cuss everywhere for little or no reason, and in some way I agree, but the issue now is: people used to being in places where cussing was a thing no-one noticed come to our server and are suddenly faced with the consequences of (in said person’s mind) just cussing a little. Rules keep people in order and working together and everything, but if one can’t adjust to the rules of a new place fast enough, they have little choice but to leave; Basically: someone from another server comes onto ours, thinks cussing is OK, gets muted or whatever, keeps doing it out of habit, aaand he’s gone. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but this can happen, so in my final opinion, I think that a little leeway for a newcomer is okay, but the margin should shrink as the person gets to know the server better and becomes more part of it, to the point where it just isn’t tolerated from said person.

EDIT: I will allow some foul words IF they are used in their proper, original defenition AND if there is no other commonly known, non-offensive term for the word. (e.g.: I don’t have a dog, I have a bitch.)

Mostly people who has taken their time long in this server, are against it,
while the new ones (members or new crews) wants it.

I am still against this tho, my reason is above.

There are parts of me that would like to allow this but the fact of the matter being you usually get younger users that come on and freak out about stuff and with it either being the freedom of them saying whatever they want or just trying to annoy and freak other users out. If you really feel the need to Swear or Yell I’m sure you could take the split second to either "Scream in your head/At no one in your room (So that your parent’s thing you’re insane)/Or at random people in particular and then maybe sent to an insane asylum depending on how ridiculous your parents are ;).

But in my opinion to make it a cleaner place should just ban all of it I mean if you really want to swear or get your point across just spell it different I guess? Like FuQ or F***/[email protected][email protected]! Idk just find different ways to go about it I guess.

i think it should be allowed but not in exccesive numbers and not at players and if not allowed meet in the middle and go what i say not exxcesivly

I have no issue with profanity, as long as it is not directed at someone or used excessively.

Profanity is pretty much unnecessary and shouldn’t be used at all. I have no real issue with it, but Profanity should not be allowed at all since people tend to use it offensively.

Saying it once to let your anger out is ok, however spamming it and/or offending people with it is not. I know for sure a couple of us like to muck around with swear words, but then other players get carried away and offend many other people . If swearing is banned, it’s for the best

From what I’ve extracted:
Yes - 0
With limits - 7
No - 4

I’ve concluded that Profanity is forbidden should be changed back to Profanity is to be used rarely and may not be directed towards someone.