Shop and its DP issues

I believe that this would belong here, but if it needs to be moved elsewhere then thats fine.

The issue is revolving around the shop, and how it frequently has less than 1000 DP. This prevents people from selling anything and therefore making any DP in any efficient way. This (for me) makes the server a lot more boring as I dont want to level up, because my inventory is full and I dont want to waste a level and not get anything from it.

Any fixes to this other than having rofle being much more attentive or setting its DP value to some insane number?

This happens with me Derp, and I hate it, I don’t understand why it is not fixed yet. I get bored extremely easily.

I hope this gets fixed (if it is a bug/mistake) it takes all the fun out of leveling.

I Agree and the DP Rotation must be increased 30% ~ 50% so that we can have fun leveling …

DP in Rotation: 4,968,639 DP
Total XP Earned: 808,837,837 XP
Sum of Users Levels: 15,462
Total Inventory Slots: 40,674
Total Items in Storage: 19,515 (47%)

This is because the Shop keeps over-spending its budget. After a few rounds of buy/sells I got it back up to speed.