Shaman Progress on mobile

as a shaman on mobile we can’t track ourself the healing progress as they are shown on scoreboard but the scoreboard feature isn’t supported in the mobile version… it should have dynamic text like “help me” when someone is dead… somehow same features as the scoreboard feature on mobile when u damaged the mobs… but this appear when after shamans heal allies just like “heal progress 15/75”… so this can easily for us to remember and expect how many times we can upgrade max health everyone around…

aren’t you banned


Why banned shouldn’t be able to suggest for therserver things? On the opposite: With that they help the server.


well, they’re supposed to be banned, but they have been seen evading


okay… its supposed i cant play on this server until i got my appeal back… i came back after 1.4.4 update to see what the changes for the Labor of Love update n try experimenting everything… as Glasia makes a post a forum about me n how everyone talk about me alike… i just could’t remember my ban id so i tried to ask in the server… because i didn’t have any contact of any admins for help… even in the discord im already been kicked so… i think this is only way i can use for retrieving my ban id to make an appeal requirement for the Q1 to fill the form… then somehow i got bored of waiting n try a few games in zombies if there has new abilities or so… i played on mobile n became as shaman… i realized this still not been patched so…