Server Rules

[Please note: these rules are subject to change]

[Section 1 - Actions]
No Griefing - Griefing will result in an instant ban if enough evidence is found. This should be known to people who have been on other servers.

[Section 2 - Chat]

  • Do not use caps more than once consecutively or repetitively. ~ Using caps once is fine.

  • Do not say something that is not apart of any language (such as asnodasobdoa) more than once, consecutively or repetitively.

  • Do not use profanity/foul language in chat against a person, group or place. ~ You can swear as long as it is not aimed at anyone or repeated as so to be counted as spam.

  • Do not Advertise another IP or Domain ~ Whisper it to the person you are talking to if you really need to.

  • Do not spam the chat.

  • Do not use Racism.

  • Do not use an inappropriate name (such as HAraaaTOTOT/;’:wink: which cannot be properly referred to.

  • Do not disrespect any other person or treat them in an inappropriate manner.

  • Try not to use any other language than English due to an English Speaking community which may limit communication. I know its a bit stupid to be saying this in English but let’s hope you have google translate.


This might be useful to some people, don’t you think?