Server Offline

This is an official announcement of the server being offline.

The server is currently offline because the computer it is running on has seemed to have either lost connection or has completely shut down. This means it is inaccessible by me and its fate now lies in the hands of the host, Tvolk. I’ve sent him messages on Skype and Steam to alert him of the issue but he hasn’t been online on steam since over 20 hours now.

The server will be back up and running as soon as he gets my messages.
Thanks for your patience.

it the server up now? I am just wondering because I have had no internet conection for 19 hours now by the time you read this it will ebe 20 hours

it will be down for like 4 days max


well ok i rly liked to play on it

you cant paly on it its down

The files that were on the hard-drive were mostly all corrupted (or so it seems). For this reason, all data is going to be started from null, well, except the world template because I have that.

This means all the data in the database will be gone as well. So you’ll have to re-register and re-link your account to the website. And all your creations are gone.

The burden is on us though. All groups will have to be re-created and re-permissioned by us. Your trading stuff is still usable however because they’re separate from the server but I’ll have to force you to re-initiate your account to re-create the group on the server.

What are the good things about this whole thing?
Well, I hope to God that stats finally works and that the errors we were previously having with the server are now gone. If anything, I would be pleased for that despite what has happened.

When will it be up?
There’s no telling. I have to re-region the world first before opening the server and then finally go through groups and then chests and then anything else I forgot about.

Wow. Hmm… I could get on later and help out :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, just so all of you helper applicants know, the days that the server is down do not count toward your week.

Port forwarding is in process and then I’ll be setting up regions and groups. Thereafter it should be publicaly accessible.

would I be able to build a permanent NPC hotel for you?

also let me know if you would like me to help out with any building I really have nothing better to do until Sunday

I can help too

man dark gaming is not working for me

I can help as well :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re back

Permanent NPC hotel? You could do one near /warp v2fb

Diz iz craZ
I haz to do DTP again :stuck_out_tongue:

be wanna help celest