Sentry idea

{| JunkYard Sentry |}

Description : You find yourself inside of a scrapyard surrounded by the undead you scramble to put together something to protect yourself and you find electronics and gears in great shape! You throw everything you have and try your best to make something work and you make a little launcher you put some metal shards in it and let it fly.

  • Acts as a Catapult and throws Metal Fragments which cause bleed damage
  • -25% of its HP due to poor craftsmanship
  • -25% in accuracy (kinda like a shotguns spread)
  • +25% bass Damage (metal hits hard)
  • 1.25 points of bleed damage

something i thought of while scrolling through suggestions.
tell me what you think?

sorry if its already been done i just thought it was neat in my head so i splurged the words on here if a sentry that is this or exactly like it can i get the link to it so i can give credit to who thought of it first. thanks :slight_smile:


can you specify which projectile “Metal Fragments” are?

how much hp would it have to begin with?

how much damage would it have to begin with?

can you elaborate on this?


it would probably use nails instead of a scrap because nails are an actual projectile

as for the HP id say around 100 to 125?

its damage would end up being somewhere around 50 just below the ballista cane

and what I mean by bleed dmg is it takes 1.25 dmg from its target after its been shot for say 2 seconds

Hope this helps elaborate :slight_smile:


there is cluster rockets shards projectiles

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yea but im going for like common items you would find in a sort of junkyard or scrapheap so im thinking of the most un-costly thing you could find


u probably wanna gravity to your projectile. If yes then better go with my idea. anyway when Terraria was about real life

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good point