Selfname is Evil

So, yesterday, we had a Knight selfname thing, where we all changed our names to Knight_(something) and today when I log on, my name was Knight_ Spinokill. Do I change my selfname to DillePickle and wait, make a new character, or is there a command that an admin can use on me?

Ah, this has happened to me a few times, I have a character named “[c/ad0707:Lord]” and one named “[c/ad0707:Not Rofle]”(<–Long story). The only annoying part is that I can’t join the server because “You name can’t contain these characters”. I think it’s when you have it /selfname(ed) for too long. I hope, if possible, that this is fixed. Changing your name to “DillePickle” and waiting a while might work, but it’s honestly easier just to create a new character and get your items via /loadout. Selfname is not evil just misunderstood single tear.

What server were you on? Did you go on Zombies at any point?

One of mine (the second one) was from the test server, although I believe I did join zombies.

Selfname was nice to me this time and changed my name back to normal :smiley:

when im playing zombies…and exit out automatically ( without using /lobby leave zombies) when i got to the character select
My name was changed permamently…and i had to make another Chicken and Pig PH (with only one account of course) in order for me to go back and play…pls…fix this…

Chicken, as far as my knowledge goes, this is not even a server glitch, it’s a glitch with the plugin that has selfname.

and dille what’s wrong with phase?