Screen shots, Screen shots, Screen shots.

Alright, made this thread out of curiosity. When I am looking for people that need help I constantly get complaints of hacking when it potentially could just be the player is skilled (not dying from a particular boss/running away and surviving) or they have a good build (High DPS, Attack strength in general, DEFENSE).

Yet they never take screenshots… (So im left using my judgement and when I don’t kick or ban the player the people that accused him -usually one- FLIPS out)

Any ideas why that is guys?
(Question presented by some one in the server, forgot to add that.)

i can’t figger out how to download a screenshot to the page so what’s the use? and no one tells me how to!

You could just use your phone to take a picture then upload it onto your computer and post it here. Easy as that.

Ie: Link


Sounds like a good idea

No, a photo of the screen is a) slow and b) it is very unclear what exactly you can see on the screen, unless you got it on a tripod or something.
If youre using a laptop Im not sure how to take a screenshot but if youre using a desktop(not sure about mac either) press the “print screen-sysrq” button, which should be above your numpad. At least thats where it is for me.
Then paste it into paint, save it, upload it to somewhere, and link to it here.
If you have dropbox then you can configure it to automatically save your screenshot when you press that button, which is pretty helpful if you often take screenshots.

Laptops should also have a print screen button. It might be accessible via the Fn key but Im not sure.

what phone? who says i got a phone?cuz [i]I don’t[/i]

Having a phone is abnormal. Infact its even more rare than that ; Nearly everyone has one since its too much trouble to not own one.

Owning one is your own problem so find another way to get the concessive evidence otherwise chances are when a problem arises it may indeed be difficult if you cant provided proper proof-

Minun what kind of photo’s do you take? Seriously? All you have to do is point and click when the resolution is fine ; Unless you have aneurism’s when holding objects it shouldn’t be a problem. Now back to the point I was making.

If you don’t have the proof, chances are you wont get the help so get a phone or figure out how to take screenshots, final point im making here.

i can’t get a phone tho

You can get lightshot, it’s what I use. It’s really good.

You can get lightshot, it’s what I use. It’s really good.

ok i downloading it xD

My statement still stands.


Apature with “unclear” i meant that if you want to show what a troll said in the chat then its rather hard to get the whole onscreen log on camera, and its easier with print screen.

Again, your forgetting phones now a days can simply zoom in , Nearly all of the models manufactured today have zoom capabilities, I might even just take a picture tonight to literally show you how it works.

And screenshots, while easily obtained aren’t necessarily available on models not produced within the past couple of years ergo why I suggested phones.

Point has been made anyways, closing this thread due to that one person (forgetting his or her name) receiving the answer.