Score Rework for zombies


The current score system encourages players to go for high knockback and low dmg weapons which make for farmy and boring gameplay, but it also means that you can get overpowered weapons early.

short recap of the issue

currently the score(for farmable enemies) is 20 score giving 100% to player if lobby has 1/12, 50% to player who hit and 25% to all others if lobby has 2-11/12 and 50% to player and 0% to other players, but it scales bad lategame, since weapons do more dmg and deal less hits, but items get more expensive, which encourages slow and farmy gameplay if you want to gain advantage lategame.
also the bosses give way too much compared to enemies early game, and way too little lategame


change: instead of score formula following 20 score to user if 1 is in lobby, 10 to attacker and 5 to others if 2-11 is in lobby, and 10 to attacker and 0 to others if lobby is 12/12
to instead: give score that would be equal to 30% of dealt dmg(or at least percentage of dealt dmg, can be more, can be less than 30%, e.g. could be 25%), guardians keep the same way they are right now, aka not allow them to earn score, and as for other abilities, maybe change barrage to not earn score, because of how it works, but that’s optional,
also you could scale boss pool to give 5k for round 5 boss and the pool adds by 3k per round, or by 100% per boss, because lategame bosses give score that’s laughably low for how hard it’s to get to them and kill them fast, and early bosses give way too much for where you encounter them, but ofc this is optional, my main suggestion is about farmable mobs

other things

probbably keep the minibosses giving 1000-2000 score, and if bosses scale fine you can keep the current system about them too, but farmbale mobs definitely should be changed, so i’d love if it was 30% of damage dealt to mob, also cap being for example 1000, and the damage dealt not exceeding the mobs max hp.