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In this post ,you should reply Fun facts, anything you can ever think of Lmao.
Anyways. I feel that someone has already made a post like this.
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It seems like there is alreade a post like this called Useless Facts. Well i don’t think this is a big problem, the “This will be deleted” thing wiill be deleted from this post.

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useless facts

but hey, here’s two one fun fact; ducklings will eat each other if they are bored.

dolphins will wrap eels around their dolphin hotdogs to pleasure themselves


Technically the “Useless facts” post is the same as this.
But anyways,
You can revive a plant if it’s dehydrated, but if it’s dead, you can’t revive the plant anymore. A dehydrated plant is dehydrated, no water has been given to the plant in days. But if a plant is dead, it’s dead No matter what you do.
A useless facts (why isn’t this in the useless facts post)


The longest orgasm in mammals is that of the domestic pig Sus scrofa domesticus. On average, its orgasm lasts 30 minutes, but it can last for as long as 90 minutes .


Useless Facts