Role-Playing Adventure

Role-playing has become quite popular among some of us, and I’ve began hosting an “interactive adventure”.
If you’d like some info on the story so far, here’s a link!

(I hope the link works…)

I’ll be able to host from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Pacific Time) on week days (most of the time).
12:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on weekends.

Here are some things to know:
-Feel free to be creative with your character’s skills and abilities, just make sure that they fit your class. You can have up to ten!
-Don’t make your character an overpowered god!
-You’re allowed two “minor” actions per turn. You can use one "m
Example 1: *I raise my shield to block the Enemy Warrior’s attack and thrust my sword at his neck. [Minor action (block) + Major action (attack). This is allowed.]
Example 2: *I shoot an arrow at the Enemy Wizard and follow by casting a healing spell. [Major action (attack) + Major action (spell). This is NOT allowed.]
-I’ll decide the effect of your actions; you cannot decide what your actions do. (This is partially for the story development).
Example 1: *I throw a knife at the Enemy Musketeer and run from the incoming fire spell. This is allowed since I’m able to decide what happens.
Example 2: *I throw a knife at the Enemy Musketeer, hitting him in the shoulder, and evade the fire spell. This is NOT allowed since the results have already been decided.
-When I say “My turn…” you’re not allowed to preform any actions until I say “Your turns… Continue”. (You can still finish and say something you were typing when I say “My turn…” )
-There are no stats (As in number based stats: HP, MP, Level). They’d be to hard too keep track of.
-Damages are “logic based”.
Example 1: *The enemy’s blade pierces through your chest… *You are severely wounded!
Example 2: *You summon a powerful guardian… *Summoning the guardian has exhausted you…

Let me know if I should make some changes or additions to this!

While we don’t want our characters to be too overpowered in the story, we want to make our characters appear far more powerful than they would in duels. For example, if someone like my character we to duel someone like Inisha, the duel would be evenly matched for the most part, but if we had an encounter in the story, I would probably be able to take her down relatively easily (I’ve figured out a few ways my character would deal with someone like Inisha, I don’t mean to insult her or anything) Also, while able to take two actions per turn, they cannot both be major actions. I cannot create and fire a basic magic spell and then immediately rush and attack my foe, as that’s pushing it. Another thing that is worth mentioning, as that there actually are stats in the story, they’re just not as measurable as they are with duels. My character is obviously far faster than he is stronger, just like Inisha is far better at using a shield than she is a sword. It’s just not easy to track the stats of the story either, as our characters are constantly growing and becoming stronger as time goes on.

I made a google doc detailing what i think stamina is at Docs

I edited the examples give and added that I tell the results of your character’s actions.


Flame Aura (An aura made of fire)
Flame Wisp (A wisp that grows and attacks the target)
Pulsar Beam (a beam that comes out of the Influx Waver, but bigger)
Arkhalis Woosh (an arkhalis and gain a quick speed boost to catch target and hit)
Forsaken Chain (chain knife gets a range and damage boost)
Molotov Long-Shot (molotovs go farther)
ShadowFlame Dance (weapons are imbued with shadow flame)
Speed Dodge (quickly dodge a single attack)
Destiny Bound (your soul and annother are connected)
Simple Speed Stab (quickly rush the opponent and stab them)

Should prob add a brief description of the abilities so we know what the fuck an Arkhalis Woosh is >_>

I agree with Blanc, please describe the abilities.

uh i only have like 8 total for my character, ill add more when i “Study” from my expansive library of Tomes :stuck_out_tongue:

Gret Unk Ret (player) [Minor one turn heal]
Thomma Tir Myrak [Full two turn group heal, fully heals everyone]
Vertu Cert (player) [grants a one turn damage absorbing shield]
Jyter Ryk (a thing) [Smite/stun the enemy]{may or may not do damage}
Gonta ver Duol {if i say a name, then its around that person, or an area, then at that area} [Makes a healing aura/spirit for people around me/spirit]
Mokta Von Dertule [Clone that can only cast Smite/Chill whereas I cannot anymore]{Clone or “Pet” is easier to kill and I can control who it aims for} (yes it is based off of my Shadow Clone Dueling ability)[Only one “Pet” at a time]
Orgota Gerv Neret [Only one “Pet” at a time]{Calls down a warrior angel “Pet” which can smite and use a fiery sword to attack}
Nyrat Ictk Zira (a thing) [Slows the target and reduces armor/attack speed/and damage]

Also guys, if you want to change any of your abilities, just let me know on here.

Flame Aura (An aura made of fire)
Flame Wisp (A wisp that grows and attacks the target, it also does Dante’s general bidding)
Twin Deara (a cross slice with two twin long swords made of pure gold)
Asunder Mororak (a Flaming Spear his thrown at 10 fold power than regularly)
Dynamite Fists (His fists are now packed with dynamite, they explode on inpact)
Death Lazer (A lazer is cast from his fists, hitting targets for a long distance)
Mega Blade (The Large Blade just got a whole lot larger)
Flame Cover (A flaming shield expands around you, protecting you from a single large attack, or several small ones)
Soul Bind (your soul and another are connected)
Flaming Blast (A large fire ball is cast, incinerating all in it’s path, it is very hard to dodge, it also takes up a large sum of the casters energy)

Weaponize - Able to put ultra-sharp blades on her shields, able to cut down many with a single throw, takes two turns to do

Seven-up - When at low health, she tosses her shields onto the ground, and takes out dynamite. No need for further explanation.

Wormhole - At the cost of all of her magic, Inisha throws a shield, which drags the enemies to it for a few seconds.

Adrenaline - Numbs her sense of pain, allowing her to stay in battle longer. Knocks health by 30% when Adrenaline is over.

Sit - Inisha sits down.

Story Mode:

Pressure Points:
Stuns the opponent for their next turn.

Healing Remedy:
Heals a few wounds.

Shadow Bind:
Raises stealth to 9/10 for 3 turns. Uses an entire turn.

Automatically dodges the next attack. Uses a whole turn

Speed Boost:
Raises speed to 10/10 for 3 turns

By the way Nite, you can have up to 10 abilities in the story. Same goes to you Re.

So, It’s finally over. That’s cool. Lasted awhile. :slight_smile:
We’ll be moving on to Rebekah’s zombie Role-Play adventure! Woot! :open_mouth:

That’s cool.