"Role" Passives

Roles, in this suggestion, are defined/classified by the different types of abilities and their usage. For example, shaman would be support, barrage/dual wield would be assault, telekinesis and time warp would be utility.

With that in mind, as the title suggests, these separate groupings should be granted some sort of passive that can be utilized throughout gameplay. As I am neither a developer or a particularly active player anymore, the numbers and concepts below are purely arbitrary and were not made after deep consideration, and therefore are obviously prone to change/suggestions.

SUPPORTS: Health regen increased after avoiding damage for a period of time, revives dead players quicker(make it feature, not a once-was bug :sunglasses: )

ASSAULTS: Damage or kills can count towards reducing ability cooldowns(this would likely scale “negatively” in order to balance itself out in later rounds). This puts dual wield in a weird spot, but beyond damage buffs it is largely an ability that can’t really have a passive buff regardless.

UTILITY: Placeholder, because I honestly have no idea what a beneficial passive that encompasses all that falls under this category would look like.

and what would wish be?


If we go by definition, it would be utility. Wish and sentry are what makes that category in specific difficult to brainstorm for due to the fact that they are drastically different from the other abilities and also the two most diverse abilities at the same time.


Sounds good, but why are abilities being categorized to roles rather than applying the passive to the ability directly?


I’m not entirely sure as to how the coding would apply to the abilities behind the scenes, but if the passives for the “roles” are to remain the same for each ability of its category, wouldn’t it be simpler/most straightforward to define each ability as part of a specific role, to which the passive is then applied to rather than individually?

If i’m wrong, which is very likely considering I have virtually no idea what I’m talking about, then I can not think of any other reason for this to be the case other than just to define what ability gets what passive.


It’s not too hard to do either, I raised the question mainly from a feature perspective. Having them generalized into roles seems like an odd choice