RoD to be or not to be

Hey guys i decided to make this thread after seeing multiple of opinions on rod.
some like it some hate it

it is a valuable acet in building and sometimes pve.
you can get to your house fast by spamming ROD
it helps you get through the asphalt to get to the rails.

it can be annoying and spammy in pvp
it takes life of you(if you use it 2 times)
it takes fun from pvp by people using rod, going behind you and kill you with daybreak
lets people get away from good kills(this looks cheap and childish)

so what do you think, should it be banned, you decide (also i put a captcha on it so A68 cant vote :P)

The argument is whether it should be disabled/banned in PvP, not in general. It will most certainly never be completely banned.

i knew i missed something out, the strawpoll only apply’s to pvp. (should have clarified that)

Of Course it shoudn’t be banned, just from PvP, I have access to RoD, but I only use it when I’m very low on health…But it is very helpful in Houses and Building.

I seriously dislike the RoD in PvP and many people know this. It’s a very obnoxious and very cheap way of playing if you use the RoD frequently. I do however encourage its use for building. I feel as though it would be best just being restricted in PvP.
More Pros:

  1. It adds a bit more variety to strategy
    It kicks strategy up a few notches if used correctly. I don’t think may people use it the way Rofle has described in the past, but it’s possible. Here is what Rofle said when I previously brought the topic up on a thread
    “From my stand point, you misunderstand the RoD. It is possible to predict that someone will RoD to you, and then you RoD away, causing them to have to hurt themselves in pursuit. This sounds to me like a highly tactical situation of prediction, response time and pattern recognition.”

  2. It adds more mobility to the game in general
    I can clear the arena in less than 10 seconds using the RoD in PVP. I’d sacrifice a good amount of HP, but still. It’s super useful in going from one of the lower tunnels to the upper open part of the red arena, as many have demonstrated.

  3. You can avoid near death situations
    This goes both ways. It’s great for you, but it sucks for the person who almost got you. Avery uses this a lot. Sniper bullet? Nope. Daybreak? Nah. Yo-yo? Sorry, try again later. Whether this is good or bad is up to the viewer, but I personally see it as a bad thing.

  4. It helps people whom aren’t skillful at PvP
    Sure, you might have god awful aim, but if you’re PvPing Avery, you can catch him offguard by teleporting right on top of him to show him how sharp your Daybreak is.

  5. Sorry, I can’t honestly think of anything else :s

More Cons: (There’s obviously going to be more, as I’ve thought about this specifically a lot)

  1. It favors people with higher resolutions.
    You can literally clear the arena with one or two RoDs if you havea high res, but it takes me 5 or 6 due to my resolution.

  2. It’s not available to everyone.
    It’s only available to the people willing to put the time into registering on the DTP and finding the command manually. Depending on how lucky you get, you can get this as early as level 15, but you can also get it as late as level 70. By that time I hope you have the DP to buy it though. For the majority of the casual people stopping by for items or for a quick boss kill, PVPing people like Avery who uses RoD a lot is a pain. It’s just plain unfair to them.

  3. It can be used to get out of a near death situation.
    I can take every projectile in the game and fire them all at you at once and you can get out without being harmed at all with just a click of a button. Seriously, how is that fair?!

  4. It encourages people to play recklessly.
    Avery even said earlier that he lets himself take a bit more damage than he should because he knows he has the RoD. Yamik is another perfect example. He would RoD right on top of you and hit you with whatever he could that would do the most damage the fastest. The only real counter play to this is using the RoD to chase/run, but that just enforces my previous point.

  5. It’s just straight up annoying.
    I have found little that is as frustrating as trying to take down someone whom you’ve been struggling to kill for a while, only to find that they use RoD in the last second and get out of sight. Luckily, our arena isn’t too big so it’s not that hard to find them, however, if a larger arena were to be implemented, this could end up being extremely difficult to chase. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten Avery down to 100hp only to find him RoD away at the last second. Then after refinding him healing in some corner, he just uses RoD to escape again, only to kill you 10 seconds later after healing.

  6. Because without it, we’re encouraging more skillful play.
    Here’s what I mean when I say this.
    Without the RoD, a good PvPer has to know how to aim, dodge, move around, and has to have arena knowledge. It doesn’t hurt to figure out player patterns either.
    With the RoD, aiming is still important, but is less effective due to the ability to RoD ontop of another player, catching them by surprise. Dodging becomes obsolete, as you have the RoD to avoid lethal hits, movement becomes far too easy, and arena and player knowledge remain the same.

  7. Nobody seems to use it tactically
    Sure, you can argue that Avery using it as an escape route, or Knight using it to get within aim of his rifle is tactical, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. I’m referring to what I quoted Rofle saying in the first Pro. Nearly NOBODY uses it like this. It’s almost always used to escape, and rarely anything more.

  8. It almost seems to cap how skillful people can be
    If you get too used to using the RoD in PvP, so much so that it’s an essential part of your kit, as it is with a number of PvPers, then you’re ill suited for anything BUT PvP with the RoD. In the future I would like to restrict RoD from being used in at very least my own arena, so what happens when Avery comes into my arena and finds himself in a corner healing, when I find him and give chase, suddenly he realizes he can;t use RoD to escape, and ends up dieing. Old habits die hard. What happens if DG goes down and I feel like PvPing somewhere else, but RoD is restricted everywhere else? Suddenly I’m just that much more ill suited for PvP due to this.

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I agree with you Blanc, I’ve attempted multiple times to kill avery, just about to kill him, and…teleport, by time i find him, he disapears, it seems as if the only combat menevure is stealth, and he won’t fight people who use large ammounts of invis, I find it annoying also, I’ve stopped using RoD for this point, as much as it now sucks to PvP Avery without it, I do it because of the fact that i find it unfair, I find I’ve personally gotten better with my aim, I agree how RoD might cap your skill, you won’t get used to the arena and such, and if i heard correctly, in your arena, RoD is highly effective, which means you have to use RoD yourself, be good with a Sniper, or just ban it. I agree with your points 100%!

Eh, I enjoy messing with people, letting 'em get me low by using less damage, more fun weapons, but then I just RoD away. Better then losing DP. I’m still fairly adequate w/o RoD, I mainly use it go fight Lord Goulash, and so I use it 24/7 to get better with it. If I’m playing 100%, you can certainly ask me not to RoD, and I will oblige.

Overall, I find 1v1s with RoD more fun then w/o it, but anything more then a 3 person free for all, where all parties have RoD, is complete and udder chaos, along with being a pain as they all take turns RoDing into you.

I dislike the rod in PvP, mainly because not everybody can use it. It should either be made available for everyone or banned in general. I am okay with other uses of it, though, since there are no restricted areas.

I change my mind a tad, it should be banned from PvP, it should have the Negatives increased, I still will find it unfair regardles of the negative increase, it’s still a free teleport, but it balances it slightly more.

Why not just take away all the RoD commands and then upgrade it to like R10 (or R11 but uncraftable)??

Because then people who don’t have it would complain and call it unfair, which it would be. If a cmd is allowed in PvP (that grants an advantage) it should be fairly easily obtained, in order for it to be fair.

I don’t see any point in upgrading the rairty by that much, it seems completely unescary, I still think the negatives of the item when in PvP should be increased.

I don’t PvP often so I can’t say I have personal experience, but I would imagine it to be annoying when your prey uses an advantage you don’t have. In order to maintain stability and fairness, I support the decision to permanently ban RoD from PvP.

Anyone can have ability to use RoD.

No, not everyone has the ability to use RoD. Stop trying to use that excuse. It is only available to members of the trading inventory whom have put the time into gaining the trading access, or have found it by random chance. It’s not available for anyone under the rank of dtp member, and that includes a LOT of players.

Exactly, anyone can into the Trading System, get RoD and ability to use it.

Uhhh, I thought we were done with this! Look, it could be used as incentive to get dtp, but it does take a bit to get it, it’s unfair, it should be banned or have it’s negatives increased to avoid unfairness, but it still might be unfair, where looking to decrease the unfairness, were looking to even it out more, not ban it.

That’s justitRadek, not everyonr wants to join the dtp. Not everyone will join, and even if they do, not everyone will put the effort into getting it

Blanc has a point, A68. I was lucky and it only took me a few days to get RoD, but for some it can take months if not years. It’s not exactly a common command

Sorry, didn’t read Blanc’s long post before. I just responded to Leon. And again, the same answer, anyone can use RoD if he really wants to :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, my opinion whether to ban RoD from PvP or not. Back in 1.2 days I used it a lot. When I look at it today, I know it was because of how inexperienced I was. Later in time I used it less and less, to a point I stopped using it at all and today I only keep it in my 3rd hotbar slot just to move faster around outside PvP (not that I’m in PvP more often that few times a month).

The pros of RoD are obvious to most people, at least those more skilled. One cons of banning it I see as the most essential: it would encourage more skillful play. And personally, I see it as the only real reason why the RoD could be banned in PvP.