Revert major changes of new antispam

Briefly, this update is not fun, does little to stop actual chat spam as opposed to how much regular talk gets blocked, and everyone hates it.

Things that should be okay when used in the chat:

  • Short messages like “hello, hi, ok, okay, lol, sure, bruh, ‘?’, ‘r’” etc. These are all extremely common words, they should be okay to use in a single chat message.
  • Saying these short messages a few times in a row
  • Saying the exact same message when it is fairly short like “ready” multiple times within a few seconds

Things that are okay to have restricted:

  • Saying the exact same message over and over (4+ times) within a fairly short timespan like 9-10 seconds
  • Saying the exact message if it is long (like 25+ characters) multiple times in a similarly short timespan
  • Sending a greater number of messages than the number of seconds you sent the messages in (this is almost always spam) greater than 1-2 seconds

People are already saying things like “hi123” to prevent themselves getting muted. “hi” should not be disallowed just because it’s short.

this new anti spam just came out of nowhere, and i see like no people complaining about people using 1-4 letters for a chat, most spam would’ve been a long message instead of just a one letter spam, so the anti spam should be reverted back to normal, and perhaps fofle should try using the normal chat and understand the frustation :solarkek:


Also in some dimensions blocks /help(build,pvp,pve and survival)
(actually only isnt blocked at rift…)

But for some reason does not block /who that is… 1 character less

(here at build, and at pvp, the “Spam message” is because i tried /help, but as you can see, there is the output of /who)



and same to the others, you get the idea


That might be a separate bug, that should definitely not be happening.


May be
But considering that some people spams “Help” Wouldn’t be something crazy to blacklist help

And also, This is the same promt that on a “Spammy message” so i thought would be good to put it here, because its somehow linked


Wait, you have to pay $7.50 a month to enter “Hi” in chat without getting blocked?
acc. to Phase


I don’t think it’s completely removed for patreons either (at least atm), according to Blanc


This is unintended. I’ll mark it as accepted, though this is considered a bug.