Return of the Gauntlet

Alright so since I’m still not home and in Brazil I can’t properly evaluate correct rewards so as of now the testings will not be watched by me but by the certain users with the title “Gauntlet Moderator” You may practice throughout the day by yourself and you can try to ask for help from other users although since this is supposed to be competitive it wouldn’t be advised. Due to a certain stage requiring it to be used by one person as it requires teleporters’ and can cause it to be hard if you are requested to leave that area from a gauntlet mod and you refuse to or you are being a TROLL. You may either be excluded permanently from any future events created by myself or receive a temporary exclusion.

As of this moment it is accessible via the warp /warp gauntlet

The reward system is subject to change* but at the moment it’s as follows:

As stated above there won’t be any credits/DP for this instead I will be allowing completioners to add their very own vanity to the loadout chest, as they all currently look like myself just dyed different colors. There are currently 6 available to change (The first will stay as myself).

First completion:
3 Loadout choices.

Second completion:
2 Loadout choices.

Third completion:
1 Loadout choice.

You must be a verified crew member to participate as you cannot open chests otherwise or receive the rewards.

You may get one attempt per day to count towards the challenge, you must follow all instructions exactly this meaning if you have an item on (even vanity) or something that wouldn’t effect that current stage there will still be an instant Disqualification. There are no Warnings. It is your responsibility to practice and memorize exactly what is allowed and what is not in each location. This will make it easier on the people moderating your attempt to ensure there is no cheating.

For your attempt to count you must request a Gauntlet Moderator to watch you, they will then Meet you at stage 1 and tell you when to start. They are not there to help you or give hints they are there to record your time and ensure everything is done correctly. Your attempt must be completed under a time of 15 minutes or it counts as a FAIL.

Approved Gauntlet Moderators

N/A ***The top 10 times will be recorded.

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