[Resolved] Unban me plz

I have been banned for no such reason i Went to go on the server and it had said “you were banned forever: manually added IP address ban.” Idk y I was banned please unban me.

Please edit this one to match the proper Format And then this appeal can be considered.

What do you mean proper format?

Answer the questions on that format.

I don’t know why I was banned.
I was banned 2 weeks ago for no reason.
I have been banned for 2 weeks and 4 days.
I was not on the server when I was banned i just went to go on the server and play on it but I was banned for no reason.
I don’t know who banned me.
This ban was unfair because I did not grief or swear and I was never on the server when I got banned.
I should be unbanned because I play by the rules and i never grief on Terraria servers.

Please unban me
(I am sorry for what I did if I did do something)
I would also like to know who banned me of that is ok.

I was the one who banned you, and you did in fact grief.

I thx for the help chenaley

There is proof. Do you regret your actions?

I never did that I only share my account with my friend but I am sorry for letting him do that he only uses my account when I am not on it

Please do not blame your friend. It is your account and your responsibility.

I know but I am sorry.

Consideration befalls on chenaley as he is the one who banned you and has a higher grasp of the situation and of course can attest to you on a personal level.

On a side note ; Never let anyone on your account. Ever. I don’t care how trustworthy you may think the person is…in all honesty it is unwise; Due to your inability to keep such information it caused damage to the server. Please realize this and prevent it next time. Whether that means changing your passwords or using a different account entirely is up to you. Bottom line - Don’t let it happen again or you may very well be banned for the duration of your IP/account; And no matter the amount of ban appeals you may file…A second time offender has a marginal decrease of leverage and credibility. Big time.

I changed my password and gave him my old account with terraria.

i had also de-authorized all other computers aswell

Remember KRONOS, we have moderators+ everywhere that can look at history of what you break. So if you ever get caught again you won’t be so lucky. So have a fun time on the server(Without grieving)! P.S. Well said Apature.

Unbanned, remember what I said(Closed).