[Resolved] Report - thisnameisalwaysgood

At this moment. this is still a WIP.
[1] thisnameisalwaysgood

[2] They were character spamming.

[3]This effected those reading chat.



Note: trying to figure out why these shot are so beep small
And I made sure Public viewed them, and I made sure it was link address.
Here’s exactly what I did. First, I took the screens, then I uploaded them to Public, then I right clicked them and pressed copy link address, then I posted them here by pasting with [.img] stuff [/img]. What did I do wrong? ( the period on [img] wasn’t there.)

Here’s the images. Dille, I believe you didn’t view the image in full screen before copying the link address.

Finally, the pictures are not potato small again!

Thanks for the report, the play will be banned when he’s seen online next time.

Player banned.