[Resolved] Report : Test (Life Hacks in PvP)

[1] Name

(Not TestCharacter, just Test)

[2] What they were doing wrong

Using hacks for infinite life in PvP

[3] What they were doing that was against the rules

Using hacks in PvP

[4] What I was doing

PvPing (almost 81 baby!)

[5] Who this affected?

Essentially everyone PvPing

[6] Evidence

[7] Users group

I am unsure as he didn’t speak at all.

[8] Witnesses

I would say Spooder, ZzU, and a few others but I am unsure of if they saw him or not

Was Test moving at all, or did he leave after some minutrs?
As it can be a crasg or lag

Test was moving around a lot, as well as attacking me fluidly and steadily. He wasn’t lagging I’m sure of that

I will take your word, once I will come home he will be banned if he’s a member
EDIT-Found a player named “test”.
Thank you for your report.