[Resolved] Report player "SSSSSSSWWWSSSS"

[1] Members name.

SSSSSSSSSSSWASSSSSS or somthing like that

[2] What they were doing wrong

Constantly spamming in all caps, as well as spammy and caps name.

[3] What they were doing that was inappropriate or against the rules?

They were violating the rules by spamming in caps and such.

[4] What you were doing when this happened?

Was just talking to my friends c:

[5] Who did this affect?

Well he/she/it was spamming so it technically affected everyone


[7] Users Group


[8] List of witnesses

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This user had many warnings and did not stop. :frowning:

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I wasn’t there when he violated rules, but clearly he should be banned. Carson supported his report with many valid pictures! Nice job!

PS: instead of getting images of people warning the violator, I learned to give out my own warnings then use those. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uh I was just picturing his spam. I did warn him a few times and so do lily

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The player has just arrived the server,
so ya’ll know what I did.
Thank you for the report, this topic is now marked as closed.

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