[Resolved] Report Hacker KissTheSky

Having Unlimited Night Beams in Spawn and Does not die/Instant Heal

Pic + Kill at Chat #1

Pic + Kill at Chat #2

Pic + Kill at Chat #3

Pic + Kill at Chat #4

Infinite Health [color=blue]I Disabled PVP because he won’t die[/color]


0 HP/Alive

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here’s him at 0 health

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ty i’ll add it

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Closing this thread too since I have banned him. Raiku, the last two aren’t really valid because in the first one it just show’s that he has 400HP and in the second one he could be lagging. I looked on ThePunisher’s thread just to be sure of what he was doing. Also next time please copy the image url and type [img ] image url here [/img ] (Without the spaces.) This will display the image instead of sending it to steam. Thanks for the report.

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