[Resolved] Report (grief)

This is not a report on a specific player, more so on an area that need be checked.

As you can see it’s directly below the bossing arena. It shouldnt be a problem to locate. ALSO if anyone find that Crytex broke there it was probably because he was showing Lily and Seraph that it was unprotected. I told them that it was in order to catch griefers in the first place.


Hmm… I may have seen this.

I’ve seen this and it’s been there for a bit. I’m not so sure what to say about this one…

I will check it once I get home.
EDIT : The grief is now fixed. Herpy Derp and Crytex are both banned, for over than 500 blocks grief each.
I know that Crytex has told you that it isn’t protected, but he did know that he isn’t allowed to take the blocks out,
and not in that mass amounts.
Thank you for the report.