[Resolved] Report- DEMiZE #STD

2) DEMiZE #STD was using Red’s armor and wings without penalty. I told him that it was not allowed, and he took it off. However, later on, when I checked his IG inventory using the DTP, I saw that he was still wearing the armor. I warned him again and he did not change anything.
3) Modified clients are against the server rules.
4) I was sitting near spawn when I saw him wearing the armor and wings.
5) We weren’t really affected, but I do think I saw him go into PvP for a short while. I don’t have evidence of that, though.
7) Guest.
8) There weren’t many people who saw him, but there were some people who were active during the chat at the time, and so they should have seen me warn him. Fierce Deity and Spooks are two of those people.

The player is now banned (IP banned).
Thank you for the report.