[Resolved] Player Reports SolarDeity/Harmfulcrane

[1] Solar Deity and harmfulcrane

[2] They were griefing my wire and sh*t talking me

[3] It affected me since I was trying to build but apparently I was “too near them” Even though I said I’d move my build.

[4] they were the only crew members in the area

[5] Crew

[6] Main

I said I would move my build but they still broke my wire over 3 times.
I do not know specifically who it was, it was one of them since they were the only crew members, but a staff member can use /history

Can you give me the area coords/show me the area?

The area was near their “Hideout” which is here:

I am the player with the blue hair to the bottom left of the map, that is the area. I can show you ingame too iyl

raz is gettin’his revenge

Fite em’ Raz!

Well yeah i actually witnessed that Razor promised he would move his build away from what appears to be a “Hideout”, But they still weren’t convinced.