[Resolved] Multy

Hi, this is a report :

[1] Members name.
He’s named Multy
[2] Report: What they were doing wrong, describe in detail.
Using the inapropriate language, swearing and spaming.
[3] Why what they were doing was inappropriate or against the rules?
He sweared me (you can see in evidences), he spammed and I think isn’t normal.
[4] What you were doing when this happened.?
Just PvPing and helping others.
[5] Did this effect just you or other members as well or what was effected?
Yes, I was effected, and negative because he sweared me, I can’t permit that.
[6] Evidence.

[7] Users Group [Guest, Member, Crew, Staff]
He is a Guest.
[8] List of witnesses.
Rofle, but he was afk.

So that’s my report about Multy. Please, if you can, solve him.

Mai, moddified clients are not tolerated in the server. If you don’t uninstall the Gameiki mod and prove that you have done so, you will most likely become banned. Just a heads up

What does gameiki with this server? Please, I want to understand. I doesn’t install gameiki for the server, it’s just for creating maps. What can I do with gameiki on this server? If you answer me, I promise I will uninstall it. And say thank you for this report.
I don’t know but I think you hvae a problem with me and I saw you have a problem with Hirochi too. Please drop this problems, leave me alone.

About the player, what does gameiki mod with the player?

I see you aren’t careful about this server, you are careful about members who want apart of this staff. Please drop your problems, i don’t care about that.
And don’t be outside from this subject, i don’t create this topic for your adnotations, you can say this in PM.

What the modifications can do in multiplayer is unknown to me, I am simply following the rules. Any form of moddified client, regardless of if you use it or not, is prohibited. I don’t have an issue with you or Hirochi, Mai. I wanted to help Hiro get Mod, and I want to help you keep a good profile on the server. Im not trying to get you banned or anything. Moderator is a careful role, it should be considered carefully, of course I am going to be careful about it. And I do care for the server, Mai. If I could do something about this, I would.

This was the same fate of Lad. Get got places back to lvl 50 and he lost all his items due to this. If he hadn’t uninstalled it, he would’ve been banned. I don’t want the same thing to Happen to you.