[Resolved] Infinite HP Hacks by "Elementhour"

My screen recording software has received a buggy update, and isn’t working at the moment, so I requested that Dr Tommy provide the evidence of Elementhour’s hacking (which will make up most of this thread, as all I have are my own observations).

In pvp, Elementhour is shown to receive large amounts of damage, yet immediately heals for the lost hit points.

Using “/check kills Elementhour”, the user has not died at all on the server.

Dude, where’s your proof? We cant get him banned without screenshots!

Generic you know you can just press F12 and it will take a screenshot right??
Apart from that ant is correct, you NEED to have screenshots I order for a ban.


Of course, however “Dr Tommy” assured me that he would post his screenshots and/or video(s) on this report thread. (If he does not within a reasonable amount of time, perhaps this thread should be locked.)

Unfortunately, I do not have any screenshots that describe the offense, and my screen-casting software was not working at the time.

This thread can be locked now, never trust Tommy (he does not know how to report a player correctly). You have no evidence for this report and it would be a waste of space for really needed reports.

The hacker got banned (tested by me). This thread can be closed now.

Zanto has found that the player is a member, so banning him will 100% will work.
Player was banned of course, marking it as Resolved and this topic is now CLOSED.
Thank you for the report.