[Resolved] Double Report

These two people are using modified clients (dev patch) and should be banned. It would be great if we didn’t need to follow the format…

I am a rebel scum :3

The 2nd pic cannot be understood since that there are some
players standing in the same spot.
I cannot recognize Talyah’s armor, can you name it and I will check about it?

Look at photo #2 - You will see Talyah below the spawning bed wearing red’s armor, hidden in plain sight. I didn’t see he/she until I looked at the photo to report Kalbanous. The other person next to Kalbanous is sam123, I know this because he was afk for a few hours, and I saw his name tag.

Kalbanous is certainly using Red’s Wings, recognized by the shape, and just banned Talyah (as you saw…).
Thank you for the report, both of them are now banned.