[Resolved] Donation


I made a donation the other day to get to Crew status, but the credits are not appearing in my account. What gives?



When you made the donation, did you follow through and return to dark gaming when it said or when it redirected you? It would have then told you how many credits you received.

I attempted to, but the redirect back to t.dark-gaming did not work…

And can you explain what happened if it “did not work”?

The mechanism for redirecting me back to t.dark-gaming did not redirect me. It timed out and I had to reload. I’m not sure how else to explain it…

Do you have the link it redirected you to in your history? You should be able to visit it again.

I don’t see a link that is taking me to that page…not sure exactly what I’d be looking for. Confirming a $20 Paypal payment shouldn’t be too much of a project on your end, no?

Credit Purchase has been manually processed.

Make sure that in future if there is an error visiting the page, that you save the URL and try again later. Otherwise, I suggest that you PM me the URL and that you are having issues so that the issue can be properly dealt with so it does not happen again.