[Resolved] Crew-making bug?

I followed popstarfreas’ steps to get to “Crew” status clearly advertised on the homepage, but I have not become clan at that point. I tried all I could think of (wasn’t much though) to fix it but to no avail. I did test it: the warp on the Terraria server exclusive to clan members close to spawn does not work for me, I have no title or tag saying anything like “Crew” and deselecting the title defaults to “Helminth”. I have asked a few times for help but others told me I was supposed to be crew at this point. The only idea I have now is that you can only become crew after reaching a certain level (I’m at level 27 as of this post). Any shape or form of help is welcome, just make sure you are being constructive in some way.

Once you equip any form of title it gets rid of the rank crew, you will still be counted as one but just not able to show it.

Why do you keep saying “Clan”? Are you intending to say “Crew”?

whoops, confused myself, should’ve said crew (that extra dtp tab, grrr).
And Sandwich, I said that the warp didn’t work, but is it supposed to work yet?

EDIT: I think I now know how the warps are supposed to work (previous idea: read the sign to warp; current idea: walk and wait under the sign to warp) thus invalidating my “test” on that. I’ll try again in a sec.

Ok, it works, I now can see I’m crew, next mod that comes along please set this thread as resolved or invalid or something.