[Reporting] This time, definitely is an awful hacking teammate

[1] Members name.

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).

Also, he is not attacking and letting all of us die. But i dont know what specific rule did he broke then and there. I think its the “Community” but im not sure about it.

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?

All of his teammates were affected. He does not attack. Let all of us die. He is just farming for points.

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)

You could see here he definitely is not tabbed out because he is moving, so he definitely just lets us die and get points for himself. He’s team griefing.

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).
Gamemodes, Zombiemodes

[6] Roughly, the time (in UTC) the offence was made. (if this is a
server report)

Same time as report


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