Report of User EpicJ

Username of the accused: EpicJ

EpicJ was intentionally misusing the sandbox area with using chests and liquids to restrict access to the sandbox area. I thought I would post this report since I would consider their actions to be griefing, although that may be open to interpretation. The chests that were placed are protected and I was unable to remove them from the public sandbox area, so I would think that others in the crew and member groups would be unable to get past them.


The final message appears to suggest some mischievous intentions.

User group: EpicJ is a member
Server: Main dimension

My in-game name is TestCharacterv2. Thank you for looking into this matter.

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Oh that’s interesting. I never thought about chests being used to permawall off like that. Thanks for the report; I will look into preventing chest protection in situations like this.

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