Repeated character filter: allow for any char 4 same chars in a row

Continuing the discussion from Inconsistency of discord automod (autist stronger blocked than the A word An… (red filter message vs only Dyno: @Glasia Watch your language)):


Dimensions or Services it affects
chat filter

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
You can enter as many dots in a row (actually any non alphanumerical character: ~\|<>{}[]+=/_€£@#$%^&*()-'":;!?,.) in a row as you want but not 9999 or 7777 (4 same numbers in a row). 60 dots in row is spam but 9999 or 7777 are not. You cannot enter [i:4444] because that is spam while many dots in a row is spam but the filter is passed.

Screenshot showing the reason for this suggestion

20+ ! in a row not spam

20+ dots in a row also not.


just [i:4444] is spam?

Suggestion: allow to enter 4 same characters in a row for every character type

how do so many colons in a row go through the filter but 9999 does not?